Falkirk’s City Nightclub Secures 4am Opening for St Patrick’s Day and Easter Weekend

City Nightclub Falkirk

Falkirk’s City Nightclub Secures Late-Night Delight for St Patrick’s Day and Easter Celebrations!

In an exciting development for Falkirk’s nightlife scene, City Nightclub has been granted extended opening hours until 4 am for special events celebrating St Patrick’s Day and the Easter weekend. This decision, approved by Falkirk Council’s licensing board, aims to draw more people to the town for these festive occasions.

Addressing the board, David Thompson of City Nightclub emphasized that the extended license would encourage locals and visitors to stay in Falkirk rather than heading to neighboring towns or cities. The club plans to feature renowned DJs, including Irish DJ Black Traffic and Kimik, who will set the stage for an unforgettable Easter Sunday.

Thompson highlighted the significant investment in these acts, emphasizing the club’s commitment to establishing a unique appeal that keeps patrons within Falkirk’s lively atmosphere instead of seeking entertainment elsewhere.

City Nightclub Falkirk

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To address potential concerns, Thompson assured the licensing board that the club would have ample staff, including stewards, floor staff, and bar personnel, to manage the increased attendance during the extended hours. He also explained that the later closing time would contribute to a gradual dispersal of patrons, alleviating pressure on the cloakroom and facilitating smoother taxi arrangements.

City Nightclub is set to open until 4 am on Friday, March 15, and Saturday, March 16, in celebration of St Patrick’s Day. Additionally, the club will extend its operating hours until 4 am on Good Friday and Easter Saturday. On Easter Sunday, the extended license permits the club to remain open until 3 am, allowing patrons to continue the festivities.

Notably, Police Scotland raised no objections, acknowledging City Nightclub as a well-managed establishment. The licensing board endorsed the late-night extensions, recognizing the positive impact on the local economy.

Black traffic flakirk

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